When your lovest beats by dre ibeats get wet, are you feel terrible and want repair it?
Do it can work again, there is a question we want to ask.
It really does depend on which type of headphones you have bought. Ii have washed my sony headphones by accident a few times and they work just as well as before. If you got headphones a bit more expensive than you (and your headphones) are most likely fine!
and im talking about the small in ear headphones not those huge Bose ones...

I would like to add put my apple headphones through the washer and drier and the only issue i had after that was the cord would get tangled more easily but they still worked.

If your headphones go through the wash, they can survive quite easily as long as they were unplugged and you follow the correct procedure in drying them. Be certain not to plug in the headphones while they are still wet, as this may cause a short circuit to occur. Let them dry overnight in a bag of dry rice or in a dry place, and they should function perfectly. As the previous answer points out however, the apple headphone cords have a tendency to warp and tangle.
Here are steps of how to repair the wet beats by dre ibeats headphones
1.Wet your wash cloth in warm water, then ring it out.
2.Wipe off the earphone jack where it connects to the audio device. This part is usually metal. Corrosion can build up on this part, causing muffled sound. Dry the jack after washing it. Water inside of your audio device will make matters worse.
3.Examine both earpieces. Cracked or defective earpieces can also result in lost audio. Sometimes the earpieces can be cracked on the inside, so gently shake them to see if you can hear small objects rattling inside.
4.Turn on your hair dryer. Hold it up to the earphone port on your audio device. This hot air is compressed, and compressed heat will clear out any dirt that gets caught up in the port. Build-up and residue in your audio device will block clear sound from your Bose earphones. Blow dry your device for two minutes.
5.Insert the headphones completely into the port after blow drying them. If the headphones are halfway inserted, it will seem like you have a shortage.
6.Test your equipment. If you still can't get a signal on the earphones, plug the jack into another audio device such as a laptop, so you can test the connection once more. If no signal is acquired after this, your headphones might be permanently damaged.
So, try it on, maybe you can save your lovest beats by dre ibeats.


3/14/2015 01:21:21 pm

I lost my beats

10/3/2015 09:32:55 pm

I actually fell in the pool while I was using them. I quickly took them out and left them in the sun while I tended to my iPhone. To my surprise it still worked. Unfortunatley my iPhone wasn't so lucky.

12/16/2015 09:52:59 pm

This part is usually metal. Corrosion can build up on this part, causing muffled sound. Dry the jack after washing it.

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5/29/2017 08:44:47 pm

Omg I was freaking out cause my powerbeat 2 wireless went through wash, so I followed the steps and basically screamed in joy when I plugged them in and the light turned on, thank you SO much


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